Products and Services - Archive tours

Archive tour sideArchives are important institutions, collectively containing the documented memory of our country.  One of their main functions is to unlock these records and make them available for research.  As such, archives are invaluable to genealogists, even though they may seem overwhelming at first. How do they work? Where do you start?
GSSA’s well-known Archive Tours or Archive Crawls are very popular as an introduction to assist the beginner genealogist to become familiar with archives in a hands-on practical way, but equally so for more advanced researchers to be well prepared for their archive visits and make optimal use of them.
Why is the GSSA offering these tours? The Archive Tours are focused on GSSA members with the aim to develop and hone the research capability of members, whilst building team spirit among GSSA members and branches.
The objectives include:
  • Introducing beginner genealogists to archives – how they work, what they offer, how to find what you are looking for, etc.
  • Equipping beginner and seasoned genealogists on how to come prepared and make optimal use of archives – in other words to get the most out of a visit in the shortest possible time; and
  • Enabling members to do their own research and make good progress with their research in a supported context during the tour.
On these pages you will find information of archives, a typical programme of the archive tours, as well as the annual schedule, some feedback / report back from previous tours, answers to some frequently asked questions (FAQ) and the contact details if you are interested.