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Archive tours - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why should I participate in such a tour?
You receive training and support - that is too the point.  A week-long tour enables one to know where and how to start researching one’s own family history. One becomes familiar with archives and libraries that contain much detail that one cannot easily find on the internet.
Do I only learn how to do research?  Must I work on some project of the GSSA?
No.  After finding out how, one would use all the time to work just on one’s own family or interests.
What does it cost and what is included?
Consult the Annual schedule on the left hand-side guide.  Bottom line is that everything is included.  No extra costs are to be expected.  Even pocket money is used to a minimum as there are not many possibilities to spend.  You only pay for some refreshments of your choice at lunch time.
Costs are worked out without a profit for the GSSA or the tour organiser.  In fact, the GSSA annually contributes to the tours with a subsidy.
What if I have to cancel?
If you can find a replace ent or another interested member is already on the waiting list, you will be refunded.  Otherwise, you may lose your deposit or part thereof depending on overheads and how much already has been paid to service providers.
What is expected of me (as participant)?
As a member or prospective member of the GSSA (we focus these tours on members), you must have a strong desire to research your ancestors and their history.  Furthermore, you must allow some time to study the briefing emails that will be sent to each participant before the tour. You might even have to complete one or two small (easy-to-do) assignments as preparation.
What if I get stuck?
Not to worry.  Assistance and support are available throughout, during preparation time and during the tour.
What can I expect?
Don’t expect presentations or a sightseeing tour – this is a working tour.  The aim is for participants to be productive and you should be able to complete the bulk of a substantial piece of research work….
Why must we register ahead of time?
Besides the time we require to book service providers and helpers, we arrange for payment of deposits to these service providers.  Therefore, an early deposit payable by each prospective participant is requested.
Can I bring a friend / family member along?
Sure, but only if she or he is also working on some research or knows how to keep busy during the day when we are all doing research.  If this is not a family member, the person also has to join GSSA.  Of course, the full price is also payable by for both participants.
What can I take into the archive?
Every archive or institution has its own rules. In most cases, laptops are allowed for use in the reading room.  However, photography is generally not allowed; this is to protect the very old and brittle documents.  You can request photocopies of these documents, although in some instances it would be mailed afterwards. Always use old fashioned pencil and paper (no pens are allowed!).