About Us - Branches

The branches form the core of the GSSA as most of the genealogical activities take place there. Branch members elect their branch's Executive Committee during the branch's Annual General Meeting. Branches are fully responsible for their own management, including financial and membership administration, but they are not separate legal entities. Although branches automatically fall under the constitution of the juristic person of the GSSA, they may have additional rules that apply only to that branch. Branches are free to constitute the management of the branch in a way that is optimal for achieving their goals. The size and composition of the committee must meet the needs of the branch.
Branches typically host events with talks, outings, and opportunities for members to socialise. There are book collections and library facilities, the quarterly magazine, Familia, and branch newsletters, a website with the latest information and Telegram groups in which new genealogical discoveries and facts are shared. Beginners can ask for a “buddy” to guide them, and more seasoned genealogists, for example, have access to support in publishing their research work,
Branches have traditionally developed in larger urban centres and were geographically bound and there are currently twelve such branches. Over time, eGSSA has developed an electronic branch that also has foreign members. During the restrictions due to Covid-19, technology was used with many of the branches continuing their operations via Zoom and with that the GSSA is now in a transition phase. Gathering and social interaction are still important but is now complemented by virtual gatherings.
Members can join any branch of their choice and the virtual dimension also makes it possible for members outside the main centres and in the countryside to become meaningful members of a branch of their choice.