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We look at the life of General Louis Botha and the Socio-Political climate of 1914 and the people involved in the Afrikaner Rebelie. The South African army‘s involvement in the German South West Africa campaign. There's an interesting view by one of our members, Donovan Penaluna, on ‘Collaborative Genealogy', ie the advantages and disadvantages of sharing ones family tree information on the internet.

The background story of the children book: Jock of the Bushveld. The life and exploits of Sir Percy Fitzpatrick researched. John Paterson, the founder of South Africa's oldest newspaper and promoter of the founding of Standard Bank. Author Ian Uys gives us an account of the lighter side of the bloody war of Delville Wood. Our Guest speaker, Harold Lancaster, gave us a talk on the Lancaster name in English history. Meet our member, Peter Cowan. William Alcock, a Mayor of Walmer, owned the first car in Port Elizabeth.

Stories of the people of Lower Albany: The founding movers and shakers of Port Alfred and its environs. The endeavours of William Cock in creating a harbour in the mouth of the Kowie River at Port Alfred; of George Pauling who built the railway line from Port Alfred to Grahamstown; of Henry Putt, the general manager of the Railways; and the five men who established the Royal Port Alfred Golf Course. Also, the story of the re-housing of our library and photograph.

Over the past year our branch has been addressed by very good speakers. At our annual Les Williams Memorial Lecture our keynote speaker was Ian Uys who spoke of his Voortrekker Uys ancestors. Maureen Heath spoke to us of her research to the Shetland Islands while Grizel Hart spoke of her husband's side of Robert Hart's descendants. Basil Hawtrey spoke of the Hawtrey Room at Chequers, the British Prime Minister's Country home. In a well research and documented talk Billy Rowan spoke of his progenitor William Brown Rowan. Another talk was by Ken Garvie on an introduction to Genetic Genealogy.

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