Contents of 2012 Chronicles

February, 2012
The series "The Power of One" is continued in this issue, Wolraad Woltemade's act of bravery is discussed in this edition. There are some notes on the Melvill and Aspeling Families and interesting stories of recipients of the Victoria Cross are related. There were 143 VC awards to people that were born, lived, died or fought in South Africa.

May, 2012
In this our 100th Newsletter we repeat some of the articles from our very first news letter. Topics covered - James Langley Dalton VC. “Die Peter van “Petersburg” Anyone heard of this town? The STRUBEN family and their German heritage,as well as his wife's Dutch ancestry.

August, 2012
From the Platteland to the Highlands, with a detour through the lowlands of the Netherlands, Cheryl Vermaak takes us on the rollercoaster journey of the family history researcher with a family legend to solve. Also of interest are articles on the Dickens Medal by Tiaan Jacobs, historical pharmacology by Ian Wiseman, and inter-racial genealogy by Walter Renze. All in all one of the most interesting issues yet.

November, 2012
In this issue we explore Grahamstown and it's surrounds. Stories from the First Frontier War to Colonel John Graham and many others. To WH Matthews a schoolmaster at Salem, The Sixth Frontier War, James Henry Greathead, progenitor of the Underground Railway in London, Sir Basil Schonland a botanist and founder of Rhodes University, Prof JLB Smith, William Smith, George Cory, Benjamin Norden and the Islands of Algoa Bay. An interest read with many facts from bygone days.

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