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Lyn Haller gave the meeting a talk on Down Memory Lane in Port Elizabeth.  She has an incredible collection of photographs of old Port

Elizabeth.  Buildings that existed in main street Port Elizabeth that no longer exist.  The old tramline that ran down Main Street, Port Elizabeth as well as the double decker buses. Photographs of the old Post Office building that eventually turned into the Baakens Street Police

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Station.  The old Bioscope and OK Bazaars in main street that were demolished and replaced by office buildings.  The building of the Campanile that lies at the entrance of the harbour.
Happy  Valley done up in all its Christmas decorations, beautiful as it was before the floods damaged it.  The beachfront with the old bathing house where you could still rent a bathing costume.  These bathing costumes were a thick black wooly material and covered your whole body.  The Elizabeth Hotel which was always used by the visiting Springbok rugby teams, and after a game everybody used to go there for a drink hoping to meet the Springboks.  The Elizabeth Hotel was demolished and replaced by the Radisson Blu Hotel.  The McArthur swimming pool which was a tidal swimming pool being filled by the sea at high tide.