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Geneem vanaf Facebook “Ellisrassers We Will Never Forget”. Erkenning vir die bydrae aan: Ina Visser 14 Jul 2021_818 Hannelie SCHEEPERS 1974/09/05 - 2017-11-27. U will B 4 Eva in my. Chantal Bubblebeky du Plessis - Omgee moeder. Being missed dearly Angelique van der Merwe - Hannelie was a very good friend to me and my family our boys used to have many sleepovers and we used to talk for hours on end she was my only friend that didn't run away when I lost my leg she said it didn't matter to her if I had one or two legs it's what's inside that matters to her I really miss her every day. Elusha Muller - Mý innerlike seerste pyn nog

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