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To my Precious Baby Angel, Every day, it passes, Along with each New Year.

I often find I think of you, And always shed a tear.

People say that it gets easier, The pain does go away.

But I just find that missing you, Gets stronger every day.

I wonder what my life would be, With you by my side.

First day at school, you're growing up, Strengthening my pride.

A mother's love is endless, Maternal love abounds.

But it's not the same as you being here, Knowing you are not around.

And yet one day I know we'll meet, Our bond cannot be broken.

As each new day brings me near, To words we've never spoken.

I love you so much sweetheart, I miss you every day.

My arms long to surround you, And show you in every way.

And so, my darling son, I send you all my love.

I take comfort knowing you're in His arms, Looking down on us from above.

And as each new day opens, I give a little smile.

For although I never met you, I held you for a while.

As night's dark sky surrounds me, I often fantasize.

The twinkling of the stars reflect, The twinkles in you're eyes.

Although you can't be with me, We're forced to be apart.

I carry a little bit of you, Always in my heart.

I will always love and miss you, Love forever, Mommy

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