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Hi Everyone, I’m Dylan, the first and dare I say – favourite grandchild (wink wink). I wanted to say “first is the best and downhill with the rest”, but my wife didn’t think that was a good thing to say because apparently since I’m an accountant, my humour isn’t always on point. I’m sure my siblings and cousin would agree.

My grandpa was one in a million. There are few that can say that they had loving grandparents, but mine are above and beyond that. Grandpa knew everything about me and was interested in all the smallest details. He knew all my highs and lows, everything I’ve achieved, what schools I attended, sports I played and companies I worked for.

One thing I will always treasure is playing golf with Gramps at his old course in Pretoria. While I don’t recall the course too well, playing with him was always a highlight and something that I will always remember. The times were especially special when I finished school and could have a beer with him after the round.

He was the greatest great grandpa as well. He adored our children. We never lived close to them and our kids only saw him a few times but he formed such a close bond with both of them. I have yet to meet someone in their 80’s who loves small kids as much as he did. They brought him so much joy! Both our kids often talk about grampie and gran-gran. Our 3 year old daughter in particular said she was looking forward to grampie and gran-gran coming to live with Bain (for some or other reason, our kids my mom “Bain”).

I don’t want to take up too much time, as knowing my grandfather, there are probably many people who have something to say, but he was as special a grandfather as I could ask for and I will miss him dearly. He set the bar very high and we will continue with his legacy of putting family first and living a life of honour.

Love you lots Gramps, We will miss you.


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