A Gooseflesh Moment

But the first Gooseflesh moment was when I looked at an old photo on the wall of a sub-B class and saw the face of my grandfather aged 7 years. I was quite emotional but managed to ask the curator for a copy.
I then moved into the passage and on one wall saw a photo of my great grandfather
G.J. Booyzen in front of his shop which subsequently had been broken down. From the photo I was able to pinpoint the exact location of his shop. But this too was a Gooseflesh moment, totally unexpected and I was very emotional as I arranged for a copy of this photo as well.
On to the main hall again, which I now entered from the right and the moment which took my breath away. Unashamedly I admit that I now burst into tears, for on the floor was the long lost portrait of Kiewiet. The curator carried tissues and “Ag shamed” as I cried and took photos.
Some of the detail regarding the donation of Kiewiet and my great aunt was incorrect so I was directed to Mr Coetzee, an informal town historian and on the museum committee. He in turn was able to show me some of the homes family members had owned. He also was able to tie up some of the legends and give information regarding other family members.
This was a tremendous help. In all, a afternoon full of Gooseflesh moments.

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