Wes Kaap Nuusbrief 2019 3


Hightlights in this Newsletter

  • Saturday 13 July, 14:00
    Our guest speaker was Professor Mike Bruton. He was born and educated in South Africa, where he obtained his PhD degree from Rhodes University.
  • Friday 26 July
    Visit to the CPUT Library in Wellington
    Adapted and condensed from an article by Alta Griffiths
  • Saturday 10 August, 14:00
    Battle of Blaauwberg 8th January 1806
    Our guest speaker was Mr Dave Honour. Dave is a professional field guide with the Field Guides Association of SA (FGASA) and a registered Tourist Guide with Western Cape Tourism
  • Saturday 21 September, 14:30
    Joint Heritage Day meeting with Cape Town Family History Society
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