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Nuusbrief Desember 2013
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"This final newsletter of 2013 goes down Memory Lane by way of a different sort of Advent Calendar;  there are the usual interesting websites and tips;  a report on the amount of work achieved this year at Stellawood Cemetery, and a genealogy game for all those who can identify "cousin's mother's sister's son" type relationships!!

Nuusbrief Junie 2014
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Nederlandse Wortels
Praatjie oor Nederland as Stamland by GGSA Wes-Gautengtak 12 April 2014
Julie verlede jaar [2013] was ek en my man Kas, in Nederland op soek na die Landmanwortels!
Omdat die jonge Willem Lantman met ‘n VOC-skip in die Kaap aangekom het, was ‘n besoek
aan ‘n replika van só ‘n skip hoog ons agenda. Lees verder.

Die Delwer The Digger Maart 2017
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Read in this Newsletter An attempt to show historically correct place names – by Lucas Rinken The West Gauten Branch’s Cd, e-Sagi containing over 900 000 names were selling all over the world and I knew that many users, particularly overseas, were not familiar with South African history and the changes this created in the Republics and Colonies which became Provinces of the Union, and later, Republic of South Africa. I then attempted to use place names pertaining to the historical timeframe involved. At first, this was just hit and miss as I thought was the case, but gradually I realised that more research was necessary in order to ensure that I was not misleading users. RICHARD HARPER & SOPHIA LILLYWHITE [Richard Wolfaardt’s ancestral line – abreviated] tells .........

West Gauteng News March 2013
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The keynote speaker Saturday 16 March 2013 at the Gala Dinner of the GSSA was Dr Janet Du Plooy. I urge you to read her speech and to pay attention to the extremely fine detail – it is apparent that she did a lot of research. I want to congratulate her again for her tour de force with this research. This speech is peppered with such a lot of information that cries out for any researcher who is interested in this aspect of life and how it impacted on his/her family story to follow it up with his/her own deeper research. Although this speech is great on detail, you should remember that she could not go into deeper details as she then would have to write a book.

Nuusbbrief Oktober 2013
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Read about the Talbot family, who were ennobled in the 15th century as the Earls of Shrewsbury, owned most of Sheffield and rose to become one of England's most influential families under the Tudor dynasty.
The GALWAY CASTLE was built in 1911 by Harland & Wolff (think Titanic!) at Belfast. She had a short but exciting life! She was the last ship to be delivered before the company was taken over by Royal Mail. The following extract is from “Bird of Paradise” by Daphne Saul. Read the fascinating story of José who was a passenger on the Galway Castle. At 07.30 hrs on 12th September 1918 when two days out from Plymouth, she was torpedoed by U-82 and her back was broken. At the time she was carrying about 400 South African walking wounded, 346 passengers and 204 crew members.

Nuusbrief Julie 2014
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HennielerouxDie Le Roux’s
In 1988 het ek en my vrou die voorreg gehad om ’n besoek af te lê aan Blois, die geboorteplek van my stamvader Gabriel le Roux. Die familienaam “le Roux” of “Roux” verwys na mense met rooi hare. Dit was 300 jaar nadat hy en sy broer Jean met die driemaster Voorschooten in Saldanabaai aangekom het. Hulle het reeds op 31 Desember 1687 uit Delftshaven (Rotterdam) vertrek. Gabriel en Jean was deel van 22 Franse immigrante wat met die Jupiter na Tafelbaai toe geneem is.

Nuusbrief Maart 2016
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Pieter Cornelius Oosthuizen van die Wes-Gautengtak se storie oor sy familie wat hy gelewer het By die tak vergadering op Saterdag 19 Maart 2016. 
Youtube is ‘n merkwaardige plek om na goeters te soek en te kyk. Dit lyk asof daar heelwat te siene is oor onder ander die Anglo Boereoorlog se nadraai. My vriend, Adv. Gerhard Botha het my bekendgestel aan die youtube video oor Botha Delarey De Wet – hier is die skakel daarheen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TLCAe2c2iQg

Lees in hierdie uitgawe van The Digger/Die Delwer: Neels Coertse se Vrugtekoek Storie; Richardt Wolfaardt en die Appelkose; Robyn Templeton se artikel "Lest we Forget" or have we forgotten en die Skilderytjie deur Jan Lourens.

Die Delwer The Digger Desember 2017
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Stamboom van Anthonius van Rooyen Die Van Rooyens van Clanwilliam·Calvinia·Brandvlei·Kenhardt·Grootrivier 1830-2016 Redaksie Engela van Rooyen (verhalende dele en b1c6); JC Malan (b1c2); Martie du Toit (Argivale navorsing) Die volle manuskrip op CD is by eGGSA se winkel te koop. Hierdie dokumente bevat net die omvattende stamboom soos op datum, Mei 2017

In this edition you will read something about John Robert Dunn – a European who became a Zulu Chief. This is a story on how one can be side tracked, as it were, doing research. It is like reading a Dictionary, you force yourself not to go too far and widely off the track. It is, however, worthwhile.

Another story is about the intersect between modern day DNA and old-fashioned genealogy and how to solve a murder that happened 36 years ago!

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