Die Delwer / The Digger July 2019

Die Delwer / The Digger July 2019


If we think about it, we all know people of talent who remain unknown, unproclaimed and unacknowledged all their lives. No doubt you have never heard of Albert Arthur Bisset. I knew him because he was my wife’s father. Born 16th September 1889, he was a descendent of 1820 settler stock, originally the Gardner-Bissets. This means he would have been 130 years old if he were alive.  According to the records in Grahamstown, the Gardner-Bissets were a prominent, respected family which included a magistrate, a judge and senior military persons of rank and standing.


Tydens ’n besoek aan Piet en Adriana Stofberg het sy my hierdie van Zyl-familiebybel gewys wat sy na haar broer se dood gaan haal het, sodat dit nie verlore moet gaan nie. Dit is tans in haar seun se besit. Hy woon in die VSA.

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