PROJECT Cemetery Records - Gravestone Index

The Gravestone Index pertains to individual gravestones, rather than the cemetery (a collection of gravestones). The Gravestones Index is in essence a list containing the transcriptions of gravestone information per gravestone and therefore aligns with the Gravestone Photos – similar information in different formats.
Bear in mind that the Gravestone Index and the Gravestone Photos do not necessarily correlate.  You may find a particular name in the Gravestone Index but not in the Gravestone Photos, and vice versa.  It will therefore be worthwhile to search both the Gravestone Index and Gravestone Photos for a particular name.
The Cemetery Records project transcribes the information from various sources and takes-on these records on inhouse databases, on a continuous basis. This provides the information to produce two indices: a Cemetery Index and a Gravestone Index. The Cemetery Index is used to manage the recording process and correlate data between the Gravestone Index and the Gravestone Photos. Whilst the Cemetery Index is primarily place (cemetery name) oriented, the Gravestone Index is person (deceased’s name) oriented.
The Gravestone Index is extracted in two formats for publication:
  1. The Gravestone Index, updated on a continuous (monthly) basis throughout the year, is available as Individual records through the WebShop – it provides a search engine to select specific records, buy them on a token basis and download the
  2. In addition, an annual snapshot of the Gravestone Index is published as an edition. The latest, Gravestone Index, Edition 19, published in March 2021, contains 948 315 names from 3 187 cemeteries. This edition of the Gravestone Index can be procured as a digital download via the OnlineShop and contains the full index (all the records), as at the date of the edition.
  • Link to the WebShop to buy individual records of the Gravestone Index.
  • Link to the OnlineShop to buy the latest edition of the Cemetery Index.