PROJECT Cemetery Records - The Cemetery Index

The Cemetery Index is used to manage the recording effort and correlate data between the Gravestone Index and the Gravestone Photos. It contains three main areas:
  1. Cemetery names - including CemID, where we use the farm name / number as found on the 1:50 000 maps of SA. There can be more than one cemetery location on a farm (see 3.)
  2. Documents - including DocID, which tracks recorder and submitter names, dates entered, etc. There can be many documents for a single cemetery, due to revisions, updates, etc.
  3. Cemetery locations - including GPSID, which contains the GPS coordinates, links to eGSSA photo albums, etc., and provides data for the Google Earth Cemetery Initiative. There can be multiple cemetery locations on a farm.
The Index is run in an MSAccess database and extracts of useful data are published as Excel spreadsheets on this Genza page on a monthly basis.


  • Download the relevant file of the Cemetery Index by clicking on the spreadsheet name in the table below.
Cemetery Index list & eGSSA album reference
 A reference list of all cemetery locations to the eGSSA Gravestone Album, with links
 IND01 - Cemetery Index (List & album reference) - Begraafplaas-indeks (Lys & album verwysing)
Cemetery Index data status
A listing of all cemetery locations, publication status, GPS coordinates etc in the Cemetery Index
 IND02 - Cemetery Index (Data status) - Begraafplaas-indeks (Data-status)
Cemetery Index Recorders
 A list of all Recorders who have contributed cemetery information
 IND03 - Cemetery Index (Recorders) - Begraafplaas-indeks (Opnemers)
Cemetery Index monthly number of names added
 Number of names added to the Gravestone Index  for the last month
 IND04 - Cemetery Index (Names added) - Begraafplaas-indeks (Name bygevoeg)
Cemetery Index monthly documents added
 Number of documents added to the Cemetery  Index in the last month
 IND05 - Cemetery Index (Documents added) - Begraafplaas-indeks (Dokumente bygevoeg)
Cemetery Index data processing update
 Statistical information re progress and numbers for the various categories of documentation
 IND06 - Cemetery Index (Progress statistics) - Begraafplaas-indeks (Vorderingstatistiek)