Funeral Programs Report

In future all photographs of Funeral Programs will only be available on the new GGSA webpage. These photographs were labelled, sorted and indexed behind the scenes.

Four months later, by March 2011, there were 5 880 photographs on the webpage. The collection grows and by August 2011 there are 8 037 photographs on the webpage. The public can view 7 755 of these photographs and 282 are behind the scenes. With the intended launch of the new website in mind, many long hours were spent on the project. By the end of October 2011 there were 8 818 photographs on the webpage. Of these the public can view  8 316 and 502 are behind the scenes. On 7 November 2011 the website goes live.

North West Branch makes the Susan Schutte collection (7 935 photographs) available to be hosted on the GSSA webpage. The processing hereof is very time consuming as all photographs must first be converted from .pdf format to .jpg format before it can be uploaded to the web. Only then can the labeling, sorting and indexing behind the scenes start.

On 10 March 2010 there are 11 910 photographs on the webpage. The public has access to 8 922 and  2 988 are behind the scenes.

Contributions were made by:

Some of these contributors previously uploaded their photographs to Fotki.

Alta Griffiths, Alwyn du Plessis, Amanda Matthyse, AndrĂ© van Wyk, Andrew dippenaar, Anita Basson, Ann Tiran, Barbara Greyling, Cecelia Brand, Celia Fourie, Charlie Els, Christiaan Barnard, Christine Bester, Christo Heymans, Dawid de Klerk, Delia Rollandi, Disa Corrigall, East Cape Branch (Liz Eshmade), Elizabeth Teir, Elma van Wijk, Estelle van Staden, Fanie Blignaut, Fanie Buys, Gerda Joubert, Gerhard Geldenhuys, Gert Coertzen, Helena Garner, Helene Lombard, Hendrik Louw, Hennie Steyn, Hendrik Noeth, Hentie Liebenberg, Hobbie Stoffberg, Jaleen de Beer, Janet Uys, Johan & Maritha Prinsloo, Johan Viktor, Jon & Lettie Dreyer, Kiepie (Frans) Human, Kobus Snyman, Len Combrink, Lizette Uys,  Louis Hurn, Marietta van Zyl, Michelle Robinson, Nadie Marais, Natalie da Silva, Nic Jacobs, Nicky Lategan, Nita du Plessis, Noordwes-tak Susan Schuutte versameling, Ockert Malan, Paul Els, Petrus Fourie, Pieter du Venage, Ria van den Heever, Richard Wolfaardt, Rini Sheffler, Sarel Burger, Simon du Plooy, Sunelia Heath, Suzette Bothma, Theodorus Maree.

Helped with transcriptions:

Amanda Addison, Fanie Blignaut, Franci Merry, Glynnis Millet-Clay, Len Combrink, Sunelia Heath.

Contact the project coordinator should you want to contribute.

Wilma Jansen van Vuuren 


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