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Zeeuwen aan de Kaab

IMG 8344 Nederlandse ProfDuring their 11 April Meeting, the Northern Transvaal Branch welcomed a special guest, Dr Caesar Hulstaert form the Netherlands. Apart from being a long-time friend of South Africa, even during the period of isolation, he maintained that the cultural ties between South Africa and the Netherlands should not be interrupted by politics. Dr Hulstaert is a renowned genealogist. By trade, he was a cell biologist in the employ of the University of Groningen. On his retirement, he moved from Groningen in the North to Zeeland in the South, his place of birth. Here he got involved with transcribing documents is the Middelburg Archive. Middelburg was a thriving trading city and next to Amsterdam had the biggest VOC office. Because of this many South African progenitors such as Berg, Boccaert, Cornelison, Ferryn, Jansen, De Klerk, Jooste, Kock, Korte, Mouton, Olivier, Smidt and more had Zeeland as there point of origin. In the accompanying sound file, you can listen to his short brief on the book and some of the experiences of these progenitors since their arrival in South Africa. This book, “Zeeuwen aan de Kaab”, of which Caesar Hulstaert is a co-author is of special interest to the South African genealogist.

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