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2 September 2013

The event took place in the Klerksdorp Museum - formerly the prison - and the guest for the evening was Carel Breed, well-known farmer of the district residing in the square

{module NW 2 Sep 2013}
formed by Klerksdorp, Ventersdorp, Coligny and Hartbeespoort. "We and They at the ABO" is the subject on which Carel on the basis of the book "Boereverraaiers" expanded. The "We and They" of the ABO, was drive to a head especially in the Hartbeespoort and Klerksdorp area. Hartbeespoort was at a stage known as "Little England" to such an extent that even in the Klerksdorp concentration camp and the St. Helena prisoner of war camp people from the same area was divided into two groups, "Boere vs English sympathisers."
People abandoned the war effort for reasons of their own, families drifted apart, neighbour against neighbour, brother against brother, parent against child, and always there was the "We" and "They" and each probably acted according to his conscience. Persons coming to mind are the executed traitors Theunissen, de Beer, and de Bruin around the farm Lapfontein, north of Klerksdorp (and events Lapfontein), as well as the famous Gen. Piet Cronje and his brother Andrew the farm Goedgevonden.
It is less known that Andries Cronje and James Theunissen were two of the wealthiest farmers west of Potchefstroom. The recent film, "Verraaiers" is based on the tragic story of Theunissen and his people.
Carel pointed out that the breach between people still existed as recently as the 1960s but that time has mercifully healed wounds. Now in the third generation after the war, the descendants no longer bitter towards each other. A very informative presentation that made the audience realize that war cuts much deeper and is not restricted to the events on the battlefield, and that families and communities are adversely affected in many areas.

 3 June 2013

{module 3 Junie 2013}

Further to the North West branch's Genealogy Course of  Saturday 25 May 2013 another "empowerment opportunity"was held on 3 June 2013.
Barend Venter a long standing member of the GSSA. hailing from Pretoria gave an overview of Genealogical computer programmes to enable members to make an early choice (and also for later in their research) of a computer programme that would best suit the extent of their specific research. Barend impressed upon the attendees that a researcher focused on ancestor data has different requirements to, for instance, someone researching families in general.  That was the aim of the presentation - not about which programme was best, because there is no such thing - rather a programme for a specific purpose.  Cost of purchase, maintenance, upgrading and several other issues were also highlighted. Barend's presentation also contained many other genealogical hints and ideas, sources and ethical tips, so that everyone, including experienced researchers, was able to get something worthwhile from it.

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11 May 2013
On Saturday 11 May 2013 at the Potchefstroom's annual Art- and Antique Market, Northwest Branch again staffed a genealogical stand hosted by the President Pretorius Museum. To attract the attention of the visitors, the stand was decorated with eye-catching posters of genealogical interest as well a variety of front pages from our branch newsletter, Famnea.
 A friendly and welcoming atmosphere prevailed and our members exerted themselves to answer questions regarding the Branch's activities. Visitors had the opportunity to page through the "Suid Afrikaanse Geslagsregisters" (volumes 1- 17) to look for their ancestors. Old books and duplicated family registers were up for sale and attracted a lot of attention.
 Although the cold weather had an effect on the number of visitors to the market, it had the advantage that our branch members helping at the stall could give more quality attention to those interested. Through this stand, many new members for the Northwest Branch were recruited in the past.

6 May 2013
On Monday evening of 6 May 2013, members of our local GGSA Northwest branch  as well as interested members of {artsexylightbox path="images/stories/Northwest/6mei2013" previewWidth="100" previewHeight="100"}{/artsexylightbox} the public gathered at the Potchefstroom Museum with their smaller heirlooms. Annemarie Carelson, curator of the National Historic and Cultural Museum, were there to advise people on how to take good care of these heirlooms.
The objects members brought along varied between a small foot-stove, old coins, eating utensils, a Voortrekker bowl, an old revolver, antique sable, sports jacket, an old iron, photo's, jewelry and more than we can mention here.
In her lecture Annemarie explained the various factors that can influence the condition of an old object.  She gave practical advice on how wood, metal, textile, ceramics, leather and paper should be handled, cleaned, salvaged and/or displayed.
Annemarie concluded her discussion with the remark that genealogy is concerned with more than the collecting of names and dates. Our ancestral possessions and photo's have a supplementary story to tell and it is in our hands to look after these with the utmost care.

 4 March 2013
{module Blignaut}Branch members Ben Mouton. Linda van Zyl and Joe Mocke in discussion with Charl Blignaut after his presentation
{module Obrandwag}

on the "Ossewabrandwag" The fairer sex took note of the important role fulfilled by women during the active period of the Ossewabrandwag.
Elizabeth van Deventer, Rentia Landman (member of the GSSA Committee), Celeste Reynolds (Archivist at the NWU), Ester Visser-Stieger, Anita Visage and Linda van Zyl were in attendance.

4 Februarie 2013.
The activities of the North West Branch in 2013 kicked off with a interesting and humouristic account of theRootman Family by Stief Rootman with the Western Transvaal Rootmans being emphasised.

With Stief (left on the Photo) is Dirk Lourens(Potchefstroom), George Hattingh (Carltonville) and Jo Mocke (Stilfontein)

10 November
On 10 November the members of the North West Branch dressed themselves in period attire to support and encourage the athletes that participated in the TraumeelKK McArthur memorial marathon in Potchefstroom. This marathon was run in honour of the

{module retrospek1}

Irish born resident of Potchefstroom that won the marathon at the Olympic Games in Stockholm, Sweden 100 years ago.

1. The water point with its old-fashioned character 2. Members in the spirit of the memoria marathon. 3 The best foot forward.

{module retrospek2}

5 November
On 5 November members again were MADE AWARE that "facts" in family history should be checked for correctness.
Prof Kobus du Pisani, professor of History and Ancient Culture in his address: "Stem I from the Waldensers?" proved that no Waldenser accompanied the Huguenot's to the Cape. The Waldensers was a church group that has centuries before Luther broke away from the Catholic Church and persecution during the Inquisition, had a struggle for survival in the Alps. His talk is available on the website.

                                                                                                                                   4. Prof Kobus du Pisani has the word   5. The enjoyable year-end function

October Through to June

On 13 October our members made a significant CONTRIBUTION TO GENEALOGY when they photographed the Old Cemetery at Klerksdorp. (Image 6)
On 3 September members EXPLORED the genealogical sources in the archive of the Nederduits Hervormde Kerk in a systematically prepared briefing by Nandor Sarkady. Nandor is the archivist of the church and the full text of his address can be found at (Image 7). On 6 August members learned that cities are living organisms that change constantly and thus influence people's lives daily. Karen Puren a senior lecturer in City and Regional Planning at the North West University addressed this phenomenon in her talk: "The city and its inhabitants: Friends, foreigners or foes." (Image 8) On 4 June our members became acquainted with author's right, copyright and plagiarism. The briefing was presented Nicol Stassen, the owner of Protea Boekehuis. (Image 9). The members recognised the exceptional  and committed contribution of one of the GSSA's long standing members. During a members meeting at Potchefstroom, Daan Hamman received acknowledgement for this when he was presented with the award "Fellow of the GSSA" by the past President of the GSSA, Hendrik Louw. (Image 10)
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6. Weary members take a break; 7. Nandor in conversation with Cecilia  and Esther ; 8 Karen is thanked by Susan Schutte ; 9. Nicol responds to questions by Nardus and Susan. 10. Daan Hamman and Hendrik Louw

May Trough to April

On 26 May members participated in the Art and Antique Fair at the President Pretorius Museum in Potchefstroom. Quite a few new members were recruited. (Image 11)  A discussion meeting was conducted on 17 May where ideas and information were exchanged. (images 13 and 14) On 14 April members contributed towards the GSSA's Cemetery Project by photographing the Lichtenburg and Bakerville cemeteries. The hard work was interrupted by spending a few minutes socialising. (Images 15-20)
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11. The Branch exhibition was very popular.  12. Women power ala genealogy. 13. Ladies brainstorm. 14. This is how it is done.

{module retrospekt5}

15. Stephen en Nellie Myburgh prepare for the task. 16. Simon du Plooy clearing a grave. (He forgot his camera!). 17. Stef en Dalene Steyn provided refreshments whilst Johan Vermeulen is awaiting his turn. 18. A break leads to some fun trips. 19. Genealogy and history are inextricably bound, the Delarey equestrian statue in the town square. 20. The enthusiastic team of photographers at Delarey's bust on his tombstone

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