Eastern Cape, PORT ELIZABETH, Framesby, St. Mark's Congregational Church

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St. Mark's Congregational Church was founded in 1985 in Port Elizabeth. It is an autonomous congregational church. The authority of the Bible in doctrine and Christian discipline is a principle embraced by St Mark's. The church campus is like an island with the busy Old Cape Road to the north and the Great West Way to the south. The church leadership is strongly opposed to the modern experience movement sweeping Christendom and subscribe to the traditional values and teachings of dispensational theology. Church services are orderly and structured graced with practical sermons promoting the ideals of Christian living. St Mark's is a community focused fellowship with a vision to reach people from diverse backgrounds. A care ministry spearheaded by the church renders assistance to the poor and aged. The St Mark's private school provides quality education from Grade R to Matric from 5 years to 18 years old. In 2007 St Mark's Chapel was constructed with a gothic or Scottish theme of architecture and ambiance that reflects the old world. The tiny bell tower and a century old organ adds to the elegance of the chapel which is set in a corner of the Garden of Remembrance that bears the names of the founder members and in memory of loved ones who have been promoted to higher service. St Mark's is also actively involved in youth work and church missions in the township of the city. The church is a beacon of hope to all who visit. GPS Koördinate / Co-ordinates: Google Earth Koördinate / Co-ordinates: Bron / Source:
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