Die Genealogiese Genootskap van Suid-Afrika

Genealogy & Family Heritage Festival

On Saturday 6 September this action packed seventh annual festival took place in Lynnwood Ridge/Lynnwoodrif, Pretoria. This event promotes genealogy & family heritage and provides an opportunity to researchers, societies, book publishers and members of the public to liaise. Numerous stalls showed the dedication of genealogists to their family roots and history. Amongst the surnames, we found the Bekkers, Dreyers, Fouries, Harmses, Humans, Jordaans, Lemmers, Lombards, Vorsters, Malans, Barkhuizens, Diedericks and Labuschagne. At these stalls, enthusiastic visitors could discuss their family ties with researchers, discovered relations and found that vital clue for more research.
The Huguenot Society of South Africa/Hugenote Vereniging van Suid-Afrika had their own stall and to our amazement, a visitor told us who the model was for the figure of the women in the Huguenot Monument. One of the resources available for family research, initiated by Lucas Rinken and now a project of the West Gauteng Branch in collaboration with the University of Johannesburg is the e-Sagi (ElectronicSA Geslag index) More than 800 000 names are included on this DVD.

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Diedericks of the Northern Transvaal Branch gave tips to a packed hall on how one goes about starting one's family research, where one can look for information and some of the computer programs available for family research. Otto also inter alia researches the Diedericks family and he showed visitors the unique method that he use to display the various generations of the family complete with photographs collected over the years and from long forgotten photo albums. The second information session was presented by Isabel Groesbeek. She discussed critical aspects in genealogical research under the theme 'The ABC of Genealogy/Die ABC van Genealogie'
One of the other outstanding displays was of the Barkhuizen Family. Johan Barkhuizen and his brother Alec showed their perseverance and passion for tracing the history of the Barkhuizen’s back to their origin in Niederbarkhausen in Germany. 
The initiative for the event comes from the well-known Isabel Groesbeek, the organiser of this great festival. With her vast knowledge of family research in South Africa and the extensive database on her computer she could answer many a visitor's query regarding that distant missing relative. Isabel is a family researcher since 1988 and the former head of Genealogy Information, HSRC. She also presents a course for beginners called "Van waar Gehasi?" to promote the correct method of research and genealogy as a field of interest.
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